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July 6, 2021
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How To Measure & Install a Folding Door


Before order
Measure the width of opening.
Next measure the drop/height where door will hang.
The drop of door (or height from floor) is a critical size. Measure at both ends and in the centre.
Supply the shortest size (measure each end and the middle). We suggest make the door to be around 20 mm to 25 mm shorter, so door has a small gap to move above the floor. ( NB Supply us finish door size, as we do not do deductions I>E the size less the 20 mm or 25 mm)
On large doors, some times a bigger gap is suggested.
Advise us which side of door require the key to be, as door will only be able to lock on one side.
This can be done as per instructions below:
Stand in the Doorway with your back against the side looking to side where door will not be stacking.
• Make sure to face the other side of door where door will be stacked.
• Now you can decide whether the lock must be locking on your Right Side or Left side.
( Note: Check that your door frame is level and the corners or square. If not, might need to place small spacers underneath top track and/ or side ends to ensure square and level.)
Installing Door To Frame
Open box , you should have the following:
• Door
• Screw pack
• Top track
• Locking post with locking plate
• Timber strip
(Normally supply top track length to size or slightly bigger and can file and sand to a snug fit.)
Tools required for installation:
Level, drills, 5 mm steel and concrete drill bit , square, (hacksaw and steel file- if need to shorten top track ) sand paper, Koki pen/ pencil, square, tape measure,
Vaseline, hand magmatic pozi screw driver head, ( Magnetic head assists in holding screw when inserting through top track)
Installation Steps:
• First fit top track to opening on top door frame and place in centre, check is sitting reasonable level.
• Mark the 3 x predrilled holes with Koki pen/pencil. Remove track and now drill the 3 x holes with a 5 mm steel/concrete drill bit and install the plastic inserts.
• Refit top track and place centre screw only . Leave a little loose, and turn top track sideways out.
• Check track is clean and insert door via the runner wheels. In way that lock is to the correct side facing as required and check key is on correct side.
• Place door and top track in centre and screw in the remaining 2 x screws and ensure all tight.
• Now place locking post, centred on required side under top track. Insure is sitting straight with level on the side.
• Make sure locking hook plate is correct way up and underneath locking post. Mark predrilled holes with Koki pen/ pencil.
• Drill holes with 5mm steel/concrete drill and insert plastic inserts and then screw in locking post.
• On opposite end install timber strip provided in centre of top track and also make sure side drop is straight with the use of a level.
• If the side walls are not straight, spacers may be required behind locking post/timber strip to keep strips reasonable straight.
• Now attach rear door end over timber strip and screw in the small self taping screws through pin holes in the vinyl on both sides.
• The door has an internal back catch to keep it in stacked position
• Bring door to lock position and test the lock catches on lock hook.
• If all ok, open door and install the foam strip into locking post recess by removing the back sticky tape cover.
• Force or cut small slot where locking eye will protrude through foam strip.
• Use screw driver and place vaseline into top track grooves and smooth out along inside of the top track where wheels run.
• Open and close the door a few times to get Vaseline to lubricate the door sliding wheels to make action easy.
• Use handy Andy to clean door and will now be ready for many years of service.

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