Folding Doors

Wood & Vinyl Accordion Concertina Folding Doors, last a life-time.
Mainly used as doors & room dividers/partitioning , even inside shutters.
Ideal for Bathrooms, Bedrooms anywhere space is an issue, also to separate kitchens & dining rooms etc.
Folding doors minimizes space consumed by the door.
Perfect choice for sub-division of areas, room dividers, workspace areas, serving hatches and where required to separate and create space e.g. in conference centers.
Room layouts can be altered quickly.
Doors are custom made to requirements, but also have stock standard doors available, 800 to 850 width x 2000 mm height.

Doors are available in Wood and Vinyl coverings in a few different colour options.
Accordion concertina doors are relatively expensive and normally require skilled installers to measure and install.
Cheap folding door only normally last a relatively short period & then needs to be replaced. Our folding doors, weight is on average about 12 times heavier than a cheap plastic folding door, but is only 3 to 4 times the price….also last around 12 x longer.
Doors are top hung with an aluminum sliding top track with no floor track. Can stack on one side or be center opening and stack both sides.
Doors come standard with metal handles and locks with a key on one side.

Vinyl door have an internal fully hinged concertina pantograph system attached to a steel framework and covered with a robust vinyl fabric which can be wiped and cleaned.
Vinyl door are lighter and can be made to order in any width and height within reason.

Wood doors have wood or melamine panels attached via hard plastic inserts that rotate in Aluminum hammerstone colour powder coated hinged frame and covers.
Wood door are much heavier and maximum height is 2.6 m. Available in most widths with wider panels, in a variety of wood finish/melamine options.