Metal Bunks

A Metal Hostel Bunk bed also is known as a Mezzanine Bed, is a type of bed in which one bed frame is stacked on top of another and the mattress lies on flat board or slats or strong wire frame or combination.
Bunk beds are normally supported by four poles or pillars, one at each corner of the bed. A ladder is used to get to the upper bed, which is normally surrounded by a railing to prevent the sleeper from falling out.
Hostel bunks are used to accommodate large numbers of people in places where floor space needs to be maximized.
Locally made hostel metal bunk beds are much stronger than imported metal bunks, as are normally made out of much thicker gauge of steel.
Imported metal bunks are normally classed as light metal bunks and not that durable in hostel environments, as well as wood bunks.
The design of bunk structure makes the unit stronger and that is the reason we designed our Lattice Type Steel bunk, with its long double bolted, side rail connection to posts and with the lattice side rail supports which arguably makes this bunk the strongest bunk in its class.
The bunks also have adjustable feet, for balance on uneven floors. They normally come in black matte finish, though other colours are available on request.
The bottom level is rated to 130 kg and top level 110 kg.
Good quality foam mattress is best suited for bunk beds around the 125 mm to 150 mm thickness, and in fact, research has proved that a correct quality and density foam mattress significantly decreases low back pain and increases sleep quality to a traditional innerspring mattress. This fact is the reason why we only sell SABS approved foam mattress.
Bunk bed foam mattress sizes are normally 910 wide x 1880 mm long and are available medium, middle and high-density foam mattress with tape edged and quilted covers… see under foam mattress section