• Design Your Own Bathroom Cabniet

    Can design your own bathroom cabinet. Email Pics with dimensions of cabinet required and will supply a quote to make it, if is within our QAF […]

    Height: mm
    Width: mm
    Length: mm
  • Roxy Bathroom Cabniet

    Unit is supplied without top

    Height: 770mm
    Width: 550mm
    Length: 1500mm
  • Vicki bathroom unit

    Made out of Pine, MDF and Pine Ply. Top is 20 with Saligna 40 edged top with a clear varnish top Frame is painted in an […]

    Height: 750mm
    Width: 600mm
    Length: 1400mm
  • Vanilla Bathroom Stand

    Made out of Pine and MDF. Great for storing towels etc.

    Height: 800mm
    Width: 450mm
    Length: 450mm
  • Country bathroom Unit

    Basins of different shapes can be used.

    Height: 750mm
    Width: 500mm
    Length: 1200mm
  • Wall Mount Shelf in Classic style

    Height: 900mm
    Width: 400mm
    Length: 900mm
  • Chantel Double basin bathroom Cabinet

    Supplied without Top..suggest a Marble Top

    Height: 710mm
    Width: 500mm
    Length: 1540mm
  • OS Bathroom Cabinet

    Made out of MDF and Pine and available in a few standard colours. Draws can be shortened if require to fit piping or even false draws […]

    Height: 830mm
    Width: 520mm
    Length: 950mm