Frequently Asked Questions

Where is QAF located?

The factory is situated in Midvaal Halfway between Alberton and Vereniging next to the R59 Highway.

Edenvale drop off point is at 147, 7th Avenue, Edenvale, JHB.

Please email us at or phone on (083) 441-1238 before coming to collect or drop off at Edenvale, so an appointment time can be made. The above is also applicable if you want to visit the Meyerton factory.

How do I place my QAF order/enquiry?
  • Double click on the product that you are interested in. It will enlarge with order options and more information.
  • Choose colour and quantity
  • Then “Add To Cart”
  • A Shopping Cart with a Unique Reference No is created.
  • Either continue shopping by going to the relevant Showroom ” Keep Shopping” OR select “Check Out Order Enquiry” if finished shopping.
  • Fill in the “Check Out Order Enquiry” form giving as much info as possible and be sure to include an email address, so quotation can be sent back to you.
  • In the General Comments sections add any other info that you think we may require your order.
  • Then press “Submit”. We will confirm your order/enquiry with a formal quotation within 24 hours.
  • You either accept quotation by replying “please proceed” OR Ignore it OR ask for more info and amendments to order.
  • Payment will be required a few days before delivery. We will email with relevant account details and info when due.
How much is the delivery charge?

Delivery and Assembly charge in the near JHB PTA and Vereniging areas is approximately R295.00 for one or ten items. The cost increases as distance increase.

Far away areas, we use a courier for smaller items and furniture removal companies for larger orders. Cost is roughly around 15 percent of value as a rough guide on larger orders and a bit more on smaller courier orders. We will quote delivery costs per order/enquiry. We require payment in full when dropping off at transporter.

How long will i have to wait for delivery?

We offer approximately 300 products with around 12 different colour options which translate to roughly 3600 possible products. We keep unpainted carcass of most products in stock and require between 1 to 3 weeks on average to prepare an order. Certain products we have painted and ready ex-stock.

Mattress/Base Sets and some imported products delivery are generally within a couple of working days.

How do I contact QAF Furniture Direct?

We prefer to receive email enquiries on products, rather than phone calls, as we can then try to get information and email it back to you. We are happy to receive phone calls for information that is not on the website but would appreciate if you could browse the website, before phoning as most of the relevant info is on website. Email address:

Can you send me a Brochure or Price List.

Our website is our Brochure and Price list. All Prices on the website include vat and painting of your colour of choice but exclude delivery. Any items order raw/unpainted will be 12 % less, accept under Showroom “Raw Pine Shop” where prices quoted are for raw only.

We do not mark up and discount products and only offer small discounts on orders over R50 000.00.

What Warranty does QAF offer?

Furniture as a general rule does not have a specific warranty, accept branded mattress.

All reasonable manufacturing defects and quality problems will be attended to should they occur.

As we are a factory direct operation, we can attend to most problems should they occur fairly easily and quickly.

We are a fairly well-known factory and used to have shops, and have been manufacturing and selling furniture for over 10 years and the factory has been in existence for nearly 20 years previously exporting.

Please bear in mind that we sell “Quality Affordable Furniture” and our prices and quality are in most cases 20 to 40 % percent better than most other companies selling similar furniture, but don’t compare our products to items that cost double the price!

Should you feel that the furniture is not up to the QAF standard on delivery or within 2 days of receiving the furniture and if the furniture is in the same condition, as it was delivered, we will collect the furniture and refund you in full at the discretion of the Director of QAF.

What payment methods does QAF offer?

We require payment in full before delivery or collection of goods and ask for a deposit on all orders. The preferred method of payment is EFT or Cash deposit.

Lay byes over a maximum period of 3 months are also accepted.

Can I cancel my order?

You place a No Obligation order/enquiry online. We rely with a quotation confirming your enquiry and advising any relevant info. You can ignore quotation or can request amendments to quote, as many times as you like, but when you accept amended quotation and tell as to proceed with the order, then the order can not be cancelled or amended from then on.

How does QAF carry out deliveries?

In the areas that we deliver to ourselves, we deliver with a specialist furniture vehicle and delivery persons, who are experienced in handling and assembling furniture. In the near City areas, we currently charge R220.00 which just covers some of the fuel and labour for the delivery. You will find in most cases it will cost you more to collect and assemble yourself and you will not have the proper blankets and vehicle to handle furniture.

It does result in longer waiting periods as the need to coordinate your delivery with a few other deliveries in your area in order to maintain the low delivery cost.

When you order is ready for delivery, we will send you an email with EFT Banking details for payment and also ask you to email a direction note, especially the last few km to your house and to confirm that someone will be home to receive the furniture. We can in most cases accommodate suitable delivery times to suit both parties.

Should our vehicle or nominated contractors vehicle be required to enter the premises of Customer or Housing Complex etc, where delivery offload point is, we are not liable for and any damages, and consequent damages, that may possibly occur. We will take all necessary precautions and are not responsible for example automatic gates that don’t open properly and are not fitted with sensors or other obstacles. The vehicles enter at the customers own risk and discretion.

About QAF Products

We manufacture items in bulk and do not custom manufacture furniture.

We are prepared to make small alterations and additions at an extra cost.

Products are made out of Pine and MDF. MDF is (Medium Density Fibre ) wood or more commonly known as Superwood.

We are professional manufactures and know when and where and how to mix the two kinds of wood.

Pinewood by its very nature will have and develop cracks over time due to varying moisture contents in the air. This is not a manufacturing fault but is the nature of the wood. Pinewood will also tend to warp due to the above fact. There will be an acceptable standard and allowable amount of warpage.

When darker and solid colours are required it is best to use MDF. Pine is best used when lighter colours and wood stains are required.

Most of the wooden bed come standard with a chipboard base, wooden slats can be ordered at an extra cost.

Other furniture not made by us, can be painted and generally costs around 40% of the value of a similar related product to have it painted.

All product dimensions are rough and are to be used as a guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information on the website, occasionally an error could occur, and we are not responsible for any damages or consequential damage that may occur due to an error.

Can I Purchase a Mattress only, without a Base and the Price.

Please view all mattresses under the mattress section on the website. Some of the mattresses only prices are displayed when you double-click on the particular mattress product picture and the bigger picture is displayed with more technical info and the mattress only price is sometimes there. IF it is not there then email us with the exact product info and size and we will reply with the relevant price, The same goes for extra length mattress.

Choosing a New Base Set or Mattress

Some points to Consider.

  • Support: A quality mattress and foundation will gently support your body at all points and keep your spine in the same body position as good standing posture. When selecting a mattress, keep in mind that your body should be able to relax, with your spine supported in its natural curve. Otherwise, your muscles work all night.
  • Comfort: Mattresses don’t have to be hard as a board to be good for you, though some people may prefer a firmer feel. Today, mattresses are built with luxurious new cushioning materials and surface treatments, creating a plusher feel. While these mattresses may feel plusher, the core provides the needed support for your body.
  • Durability and warranty: Durability refers to how long support and comfort will continue. Like all products, a mattress and foundation gradually wear out. Eventually, you won’t receive the same support and comfort as you did when the sleep set was new. That’s why you should re-evaluate your sleep set regularly. Don’t depend on the warranty to tell you how long to keep your mattress and foundation. It’s there to protect you against product defects, not the gradual loss of comfort and support. A sleep set may last 15 to 20 years, but it may no longer give you the comfort and support you deserve, need, and desire.
  • Space: Select a mattress that gives you enough room for easy, free movement, especially if you’re sleeping with a partner. Couples should select a queen or king-size mattress to ensure both individuals have enough space to feel comfortable. The average person moves 40 to 60 times during the night and turns over completely perhaps a dozen times. Make sure the bed is big enough for you to turn comfortably. Preferably, the mattress should be at least six inches longer than the individual using it.
  • Matching Sleep Sets: Matching mattresses and foundations are engineered to work together. Mismatching sets, putting a new mattress on an old sprung foundation or adding a board between the mattress and foundation can impede comfort and reduce the useful life of the mattress.
  • Value: Buy quality products made with all new materials. Shopping for the best value, not the lowest price is a healthy investment in your quality of life.
How long will a new mattress last?

That depends on a combination of variables that affects the length of time that a sleep set will provide optimum support and comfort. Some of these variables include:

  • Quality: A poor-quality mattress can deteriorate quickly, while high-quality sets can be expected to provide comfort and support for a number of years. As with other products, you usually get what you pay for.
  • The frequency of Use: All things being equal, a sleep set in the main bedroom that is used on a nightly, continuous basis will lose comfort more quickly than one in a guest room.
  • Weight: An adult who is heavy will wear out a mattress more quickly than someone who is lightweight. And because two people weigh more than one, an adult who sleeps alone will put less wear and tear on their mattress than a couple who sleep together.
  • Care: Proper care can extend the life of a mattress. Be sure turn your mattress over, end-to-end and side-to-side every two weeks for the first six months. After this period, turn it every month.
Tips for Better Sleep
  • Do not nap during the day. If you are having trouble sleeping at night, try not to nap during the day because you will throw off your body clock and make it even more difficult to sleep at night. If you are feeling especially tired, and feel as if you absolutely must nap, be sure to sleep for less than 30 minutes, early in the day.
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol. Avoid drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages for several hours before bedtime. Although alcohol may initially act as a sedative, it can interrupt normal sleep patterns.
  • Don’t smoke. Nicotine is a stimulant and can make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Many over-the-counter and prescription drugs disrupt sleep.
  • Expose yourself to bright light/sunlight soon after awakening. This will help to regulate your body’s natural biological clock. Likewise, try to keep your bedroom dark while you are sleeping so that the light will not interfere with your rest.
  • Exercise early in the day. Twenty to thirty minutes of exercise every day can help you sleep, but be sure to exercise in the morning or afternoon. Exercise stimulates the body and aerobic activity before bedtime may make falling asleep more difficult.
  • Check your iron level. Iron-deficient women tend to have more problems sleeping so if your blood is iron poor, a supplement might help your health and your ability to sleep.
Tips for a better sleep environment
  • Make sure your bed is large enough and comfortable. If you are disturbed by a restless bedmate, switch to a queen- or king-size bed. Test different types of mattresses. Try therapeutic shaped foam pillows that cradle your neck or extra pillows that help you sleep on your side. Get comfortable cotton sheets.
  • Make your bedroom primarily a place for sleeping. It is not a good idea to use your bed for paying bills, doing work, etc. Help your body recognize that this is a place for rest or intimacy.
  • Keep your bedroom peaceful and comfortable. Make sure your room is well ventilated and the temperature consistent. And try to keep it quiet. You could use a fan or a “white noise” machine to help block outside noises.
  • Hide your clock. A big, illuminated digital clock may cause you to focus on the time and make you feel stressed and anxious. Place your clock so you can’t see the time when you are in bed.
Tips for a better pre-sleep ritual
  • Keep a regular schedule. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on the weekends. Keeping a regular schedule will help your body expect to sleep at the same time each day. Don’t oversleep to make up for a poor night’s sleep – doing that for even a couple of days can reset your body clock and make it hard for you to get to sleep at night.
  • Incorporate bedtime rituals. Listening to soft music, sipping a cup of herbal tea, etc., cues your body that it’s time to slow down and begin to prepare for sleep.
  • Relax for a while before going to bed. Spending quiet time can make falling asleep easier. This may include meditation, relaxation and/or breathing exercises, or taking a warm bath. Try listening to recorded relaxation or guided imagery programs.
  • Don’t eat a large, heavy meal before bed. This can cause indigestion and interfere with your normal sleep cycle. Drinking too much fluid before bed can cause you to get up to urinate. Try to eat your dinner at least two hours before bedtime.
  • Bedtime snacks can help. An amino acid called tryptophan, found in milk and peanuts, helps the brain produce serotonin, a chemical that helps you relax. Try drinking warm milk or eat a slice of toast with peanut butter or a bowl of cereal before bedtime. Plus, the warmth may temporarily increase your body temperature and the subsequent drop may hasten sleep.
  • Jot down all of your concerns and worries. Anxiety excites the nervous system, so your brain sends messages to the adrenal glands, making you more alert. Write down your worries and possible solutions before you go to bed, so you don’t need to ruminate in the middle of the night. A journal or “to do” list may be very helpful in letting you put away these concerns until the next day when you are fresh.
  • Go to sleep when you are sleepy. When you feel tired, go to bed.
  • Avoid “over-the-counter” sleep aids,> and make sure that your prescribed medications do not cause insomnia. There is little evidence that supplements and other over-the-counter “sleep aids” are effective. In some cases, there are safety concerns. Antihistamine sleep aids, in particular, have a long duration of action and can cause daytime drowsiness. Always talk to your doctor or healthcare practitioner about your concerns!
Tips for getting back to sleep
  • Do visualization. Focus all your attention on your toes or visualize walking down an endless stairwell. Thinking about repetitive or mindless things will help your brain to shut down and adjust to sleep.
  • Get out of bed if unable to sleep. Don’t lie in bed awake. Go into another room and do something relaxing until you feel sleepy. Worrying about falling asleep actually keeps many people awake.
  • Don’t do anything stimulating. Don’t read anything job related or watch a stimulating TV program (commercials and news shows tend to be alerting). Don’t expose yourself to bright light. The light gives cues to your brain that it is time to wake up.
  • Consider changing your bedtime. If you are experiencing sleeplessness or insomnia consistently, think about going to bed later so that the time you spend in bed is spent sleeping. If you are only getting five hours of sleep at night, figure out what time you need to get up and subtract five hours (for example, if you want to get up at 6:00 am, go to bed at 1:00 am). This may seem counterproductive and, at first, you may be depriving yourself of some sleep, but it can help train your body to sleep consistently while in bed. When you are spending all of your time in bed sleeping, you can gradually sleep more, by adding 15 minutes at a time.

This information is not a substitute for professional advice.

We Remove Old Mattress

No Problem. Let us take care of that for you.

Upon delivery of your new bedding, we’ll gladly take care of your old unwanted mattress or bed set for you.

This is a free service. Please give us the heads up so that we can arrange it beforehand. If its a spur of the moment thing, please feel free to request it from the delivery team at the time. Space and route permitting, there won’t be a problem.

We’ll give it those people less fortunate or donate whatever is suitable to charity.