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Kitchen design & unit numbering guide

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How to design your own kitchen.    As you  work through it, will find it is really not that difficult & do not require a kitchen designer…
Make a floor plan with dimensions of your kitchen. Make a few copies so easy to alter/redo.
Mark what type of units with approx. dimensions require at each place in the kitchen.
Number each unit. Go back to each number and get more specific about exactly what require.
Start to adjust dimensions of each unit to fit your floor plan dimensions. This applies to wall units also.
Next add in notes about counter tops or no tops, or  if  require granite counter tops. If require splash backs on wood counter tops, (if granite, contact granite supplier)  Then work on  draws, doors, shelves, look-type of legs & moldings , handles etc.  Note, you must supply sinks, suggest view , they are competitive and get the unit delivered to our factory. If required & if  supply drainage pipes, will cut out  middle shelf  on sink unit to suit  pipes supplied.
Make a Schedule with reference number, detailing all info on each unit.

Now look through units below on this web site  & see what units more or less matches  to what you require in each numbered space, do not worry about dimensions, as we make to order to your required dimensions. (dimensions are there to give you price indication for size required)

If do not find what looking for in a specific section, then copy and paste similar unit from internet with dimensions required  & email us.
The configuration of unit can easily be changed as your shelves or draws or door  or any combination etc …can email us rough stick man sketches of how you want each unit configured. Note, units are made to order, so can be adjusted to your exact dimensions and configurations.
 Email all info with rough floor plan  & schedule   to  with location to get an exact quote indication.
We will contact you to discuss each unit and adjust further. Can also then come visit us at factory & discuss some more.
Supply a  colour chart code with name of either a dulux or plascon   chart, available at most hardware stores.(only require later)
If proceed further, will then ask for a 50 percent deposit.  More detailed sketches will then be emailed to you for final approval of each unit. Manufacture takes approximately  2.5 weeks, depending how busy we are. You will then get pictures emailed or Whats up,  to you of unit before goes to sanding and painting, after approval –sanding and painting take about another 1.5 to 2 weeks. Final completed pics will be emailed a few days before delivery & balance of payment in full will be then required.
See handles on this web site under extras, or view web site  and advise what require in same range as ours, or can supply own handles.
If require granite tops, suggest only have them fitted & exact measurement  once units  have been delivered to you & units are in the correct positions in your  kitchen. Can  also get quote estimate  from KNJN Granite  Niresh  072 486 8900.  She is in our area.
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